Brand Ambassadors

How to become a Dream Coffee Competition Ambassador...

We want to spread the word about speciality coffee.

What if a conversation over a coffee could be the basis for improving the coffee we drink and the way we work with coffee growers to get more speciality coffee into the hands of households in the UK?

What if we could tap into your passion, and your community to share that over a coffee as you tell your story?

Our Brand Ambassador programme is all about community & spirit.

We work hard to get great coffee into great machines and teach people how to bring out the unique flavours.

Coffee is a blend of art and science. Hundreds of hours of painstaking crop tending, moisture management, roasting skill and finally extraction into the cup.

We want to open conversations and create a club of coffee enthusiasts who understand and enjoy speciality coffee.

Our Ambassador Programme

We want authentic coffee drinkers.  You don’t need to be an expert, but coffee must be part of your routine. Caffeinated or decaf, dairy, oat or black, we want you to share the pleasure of making a great coffee using the best equipment available.

Your passion and your community will benefit. You get:

– Commission on every competition entry from your unique code.

– Access to our machine loan programme (use the machines we give away)

– Content partner trips

– 40% discount code for your own coffee needs

How does it work?

We’ve partnered with Avelon, a revolutionary platform designed for brands like ours that want to honour their community and grow together. Here’s how it works:

  1. Sign up and receive your personalised profile and code to offer access to your followers.
  2. Integrate speciality coffee narrative into your regular content, and promote the competition (Buy 1kg and go into the draw to win a coffee machine and grinder).
  3. Whenever your code is used, you earn a commission as a way of saying thanks.
  4. Easily track code usage and download your earnings whenever you like.

Avelon’s tracking technology ensures sales you generate are attributed to you, with a 60-day commission window and cross-platform, cross-session tracking. Even if a customer clicks multiple affiliate links, the commission is fairly split among all affiliates in that purchase chain.